Just look at these complicated, fragile independent New York banana supply-chains

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A Pleasant read. The stuff about the origin of the “slipping on a banana peel” meme was fun. Good to see a shout out to the brutality of United Fruit slipped in there, but I think a little more than a throwaway sentence (and an immediate follow-up that they are also poor helpless victims of Panama Disease) and a book link is warranted. It’s a pretty seminal story of America capitalist violence in the 20th century,

It was perhaps to sell ripe bananas that United Fruit Company had Miss Chiquita sing in the 1940s and 1950s: “When bananas are flecked with brown and have a golden hue, bananas taste the best and are the best for you.”

The jingle seems to have influenced a generation. “I like to eat it just yellow,” said Emil Serafino, 61.

But times have changed. His son Anthony Serafino, 25, said, “I like them yellow with a green stem.”

That, he said, was the Millennial Banana.

And they call Millenials spoiled. The greener banana is healthier, more starchy, and less sugar. A wise, self-sacrificing, forward-looking choice.

How did the banana get one sock on? this is the hard hitting topic journalist’s should be investigating

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yes, we have no… wait a minute

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ok, that’s the third banana-related story in two weeks. has BB opened a bureau office in Queensland?

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WaPo surely has some dank plantain news to fit the ‘Democracy Dies In Overripeness’ change for fall, once the electors are all deposed or jailed under strict liability…er, I mean, new. Heavy, heavy banana news.

Just look at these complicated, fragile independent New York banana supply-chains

I am pleased to learn that New York bananas have finally gained their independence. Excelsior!


that’s a very big banana


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