Bank fraud investigations assisted by bankers' emails saying 'Please don't talk about this illegal thing in email'

Hope you didn’t get dismissed as paranoia on their part.


It’s probably entirely rational for Trump to avoid email.


The Wells Fargo discussion is closed, so I’ll put this here:


Really? Emails and jump to twitter and then conclude by saying technology does what humans used to hate doing? I don’t know where you’ve been working but emails have been a thing of the past for at least 4 years. Everybody texts and you can’t see them and no one seems to be highlighting this. Instead it’s Twitter, Twitter! i’m sure someone is out there trying to hack your texts boss people.

grep -R "illegal stuff" *


They all got away with it.

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$10M/y neighborhood business agreed yesterday to a $1M settlement in which they admit no guilt and charges of drug distribution are dropped.

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