Banksy mural stolen from Bataclan in Paris

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We can only speculate as to why, but it seems this was a contract theft for some rich asshole. Someone who enjoys having things only he* can look at. A real sociopath, to whom the outrage involved only makes the theft sweeter. He may not even care to have it displayed, as simply being the only one who knows where it is may give him pleasure.

*I am 99% sure of gender, since this sort of theft reeks of machismo.


I want to know, “Where was John Galt during this robbery?” It reeks of libertarian, alphaholeism.


errr, it was Eagles of Death Metal concert not a Queens of the Stone Age concert…


This is very sad. All of it.

Came here to say this.

To be fair the two groups are related, Josh Homme, the lead of Queens of the Stone Age, is the drummer of the Eagles of Death metal. Even if he never performs with them. :thinking:


I can’t wait to find out Banksy himself did it.


This raises two questions, I think.

  1. Is it technically a mural, as it was painted on a door?
  2. Was said door shredded?

maybe millionaire artist banksy should just stop giving wealthy landowners free 1000s/millions of dollars by painting trite instagram-bait on their properties

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Only if it says “Steal this Mural” in bold.


Actual footage from the heist


It’ll come out that the shredder was planted in the mural the whole time, and the thieves were all Banksy.

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The movies make art heists sound so much more romantic.

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Sorry, lots overlap between the bands led to my error.

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I was going to say… was this like the Bearinstein bears?

“I think it’s a Banksy.”

Yeah, it’s not like it has any salable value on a legitimate market. And it’s not like jewelry that can be broken apart and sold some other way.

Battery powered angle grinders have made all kinds of property crimes much easier.

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So, definitely shredded, then.

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Or worse, painting on structures belonging to those who cant afford to guard them.

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