Barbie aims for "diversity"

It just needs a healthy BMI with a 0.75 ~ish Waist:Hip ratio and normal head and limb proportions. As well as available in a range of skin tones and a variety of hair colours.

Unfortunately, Barbie appears to be impossible to get rid of. We tried to ban “her” in our house, but our daughter managed to obtain two from friends with large collections. It’s like trying to stop boys from playing with toy guns (tried that too) — ultimately futile as they get hold of them anyway.

Not necessarily, as this depressing study shows.

I have mixed feelings on Barbie. On the one hand, the body image thing. On the other, this is a character who since the 60’s has been a doctor, a scientist, a teacher, a soldier, cop, firefighter, astronaut, CEO, architect, movie star, several superheroes, and president of the United States.

So, outstanding track record on “you can be anything you want”, versus “as long as you look good doing it”.

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My daughter never cared for Barbie, but went through a short “monster high” phase at the same time as her MLP:FIM phase. She also never cared for Disney until relatively recently. She likes to talk about it thorugh a somewhat feminist lens at least.

For Japan but barely. Licca-chan may be shorter and have smaller breasts but still is far from the shape of adult women in Japan in terms of coloration, facial features/structure or limb to torso proportions. Basically still someone’s idea of idealized beauty.

She is half-French.

Hence the comparative instead of the superlative.

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