Barbie tops Super Mario at the box office

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Fair Trade


At the con we went to this weekend there were a good number of Barbies (and some Kens too!) which did lead to a lot of hello Barbie! going viral in queues. Which was fun.

Surprising amount of Mario related ones so that movie resonated more than I thought. Younger crowd at that of course.

A blessed drop in Marvel franchise stuff. Apart from Spider-Man of course and I absolutely loved that Spider-Man was the obvious choice for diversity in cosplay (noticeably much more embraced than Barbie). They really did a great job with that film. I don’t go for superhero stuff but we loved that film.


Having now seen Barbie (it was great) I get why the right wing punditsphere freaked out about it. It is not shy about its subversive agenda to lead a feminist revolution using the ability to withhold affection as a weapon to control men. :joy: All done very tongue in cheek of course, but the Right wouldn’t care about that. They’ll think it’s a documentary.

Or maybe they’re just mad because there’s a trans actress who has three lines.


Is that it? I thought the right loved Greek culture and that’s Lysistrata!

I think they’re hating it was because it’s explicitly feminist, it’s by a woman, it’s very popular thus proving a lie the notion that feminism and works of art by (predominantly- cinema is collaborative as any film maker will say. Gerwig is all “we did, we thought etc.”) women are not popular. I think they know they’ll hate it much like I know that a US army funded movie just isn’t for me. Like top gun or Argos of something.


It already had my attention just because it looked interesting, but the more I see RWNJs lose their minds over it, the more I want to see it! I almost never go to the actual movie theater anymore, but I’ll certainly watch it when it comes out on streaming (or via DVD from the library.)

Barbie tops Super Mario at the box office

Which of course would be a completely different film, but I suspect it would have an audience.



A+ headline, you filthy dogs.


Until I see any proof to the contrary I choose to believe that Will Ferrell was playing the same character he was in The LEGO Movie. He was even wearing basically the same suit. Wherever the veil between the toy realm and the human world wears thin you can usually find Will Ferrell.


The journey from Barbieland to the the Real World & back also kind of reminded me of Buddy the Elf’s journey to New York City from the North Pole, so maybe all three movies were the same character. Buddy’s finally settled in to corporate America but he’s still making toys!


Right from the opening scene, this movie was riffing on other movies a lot.

I thought so too but we seemed to be in a theater full of people who were not getting the jokes. That was weird. Or at least, it would seem weird except it’s not the first time that’s happened.

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Sharped? I’m not sure what that means. Like raised in musical pitch?

Edit: Oh, OED says it is an old word for swindled?

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That’s the wrong kind of Greek culture, just like Sappho and that story where Artemis turns a boy into a girl.


Thank you! I’ve been giggling about this since I read the headline and was a little worried I was the only one :joy:

I mentally substituted “needled”, as in teasing Mattel, allowing them to be the butt of some of the jokes.

I hope to go see the movie this week :sunglasses:

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You should hear the giggling when I see therapy references to cognitive behavioral therapy by its common acronym. :grin:

Some of the jokes were kinda subtle, some of the scenes were kinda ridiculous (lookin’ at you, Kens), overall it was pretty funny! My son wanted to go, and giggled right along with me. Two random teenage boys sat on my other side, definitely there to ogle Margot Robbie, but I think they came away with working knowledge of Feminism 101!

I figured it was related to card sharp after seeing the definition in the OED, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it used as a verb. It doesn’t even show up in Websters… maybe it is more of a Commonwealth thing.

And most of Ovid. And how the Spartans weren’t what they think they mean by manly men. And let’s not talk about the sacred band of Thebes….

(Looks it up… no, I knew that… Ah!. Oh.)

I could imagine CBT as a method of administering CBT*, but I don’t want to.

*& perhaps vice-versa

Barbie tops Super Mario

Huh; i would have expected the Rule 34 to start with Oppenheimer