Bardo-tripping with Timothy Leary

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Who remembers “The Funky Bardos”? That was my introduction to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, back in the 60s. “Oh, Dave! Oh, Tom! Oh, Travellers!” Anybody know if it exists as an accessible digitized file?

This is like the discovery of sliced bread! Glad the younger generation are finally appreciating some of Leary’s work.

Yonder lies the wisdom you seek…in the form of a couple of mp3s. The psychedelic is dead. Long live the psychedelic.


This is great, but msuggitt, I am looking for an English translation of the book “Love in the Fog of the Future”. I saw you had mentioned it in a comment about a year ago. I was hoping you could help me out because it is impossible to find if it exists at all.

English translation of Love in the Fog of the Future aka Love in the Mist of the Future, subtitle A History Novel of the year 4560 by Andrei Marsov/Andrew Mars … hard to find a translation, even Russian text, but I finally found this: (the zip file there did not work for me but the entire text is presented in next/previous pages format.

Use google translate to get the gist (disincentive: all the paragraph spacing is lost…I copied into a text app [textWrangler] and had both Russian and English text files side by side to reconstruct the intended formatting (and stopped after a page or so because I don’t read Russian).

I spent an hour or so hunting this down. There’s probably a proper translation somewhere but talk about a chore to find. It looks like a really good story (so I’m admitting not having read it before, unlike the other titles in my list …and now I know why). If you find a proper english translation please let me know.

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