Basement rec-room


“This looks great, but can we make the floor look more like meat?”


Pre-skewered marshmallows by the fire! It’s a good thing.


We recently looked at a house with a room such as this. Except entirely wood paneling and mirrors behind the wet bar. The bath was entirely mirrored and astonishing. As my wife said “This room has heard a lot of Sly and the Family Stone” Bamboo curtains. Exposed brick. It was majestic.

If the main beam of the house hadn’t been settling (the slope in the kitchen floor was slightly more than most handicapped ramps allow) I might have been able to talk her into going for it.


Mmm. I want to scarf some deviled eggs and jellied salad in here, while watching “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” on the TV behind the bar.


“Yes Greg?”


This is magnificent. I love everything about it.

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I believe I’m having a reaction to the upholstery… please direct me to the poop table!

I love the tango chart above the hifi. Unfortunately, while rec rooms seem to be the norm here in Canada, our cousins to the south are not always so blessed. Where else did you play the endless games of D&D and make-out, I mean, watch a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Sweet, merciful crap! I’m having a flashback to our finished basement. We had vinyl tiles that looked the black and white section of the floor shown in the photo, and we had the 1/8" fake wood paneling along with a white shag carpet remainder and a crimson red sofa. A decent effort (thanks, Dad), but now I see that it could have been so much more.

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The drive-in. I mean, not the D&D, but you can play that in the kitchen or the den.

Damn my eyes!

Here in SoCal, no basements, we did the screened-in back porch. Not everyone, of course, just the more wealthy amongst our little corner of paradise. One’s leadership qualities were revealed through what your screened porch contained. The winner had a pool table, a tiki themed bar made from actual bamboo and grass mats, and just beyond the screen, a full size shuttle-board! Lord, those were good times! The shuttle board is the ideal sports facility for the real estate challenged. Just six feet wide and 40 long. It still spoke of the rare reaches of upper-class living to this sheltered boy.


this is glorious. i’ll take two.

I’m convinced that the basement bar/den was created solely for having a pocket pub that your parents and their close friends could hang out in without worrying about a babysitter.

On the wall, one of those clocks that say

No drinking until 5 o’clock

but every number on the dial is 5.
Ok, here’s one:

Ur-room? Have you been hanging out in Austria?

This supports my idea that mid-century-modern emerged from the forehead of Sunset Magazine fully formed. No one really lived like that. It was set decoration for duck and cover drills.

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But just look at the marbling on that floor, this room is probably corn-fed and should be graded as USDA Prime.

I’da grabbed it. A couple of I beams in the right places and no problems.