Batman guards police station in Everett, Washington

Originally published at: Batman guards police station in Everett, Washington | Boing Boing

No one will ever know that this Funko Pop is a Funko Pop if it doesn’t say Funko Pop!!! Criminal mastermind.

I’ve seen they made a giant version of their new Boba Fett. I want one so bad.

He’s the hero Everett deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll put him in the window. Because he can take it.


Everett, WA, is home to the FunkoPop headquarters. They have a huge showroom with dozens of “life size” Funko Pops, and dioramas of many pop-culture universes, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Godzilla/Kaiju, etc. Just to be clear, the theft was not from FunkoPop headquarters, but from a comic shop.


Love or hate FunkoPops, the showroom in Everett is impressive.

So it’s evidence at the moment, then I guess the insurance company might want it?

I was hoping that someone broke into the police station and left it there, in the window.

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