Batman's existential origin explained in gorgeous fanfic comic: The Deal



Bill Hicks.

As I read this, I knew it was his words, was getting upset that someone had used his words without quoting him as the source, but then at the end was his name.


googled and found someone had uploaded the fanfic as a cbr for comic program reading.

This is beautiful and I needed it today.

Awesome, thanks!

The artwork is fantastic! I love the dynamic energy and the swirling, minimalist colour scheme, but a suicidal Batman? What kind of nihilistic outlook would have hold of someone, to make them think this was some sort of deep commentary on anything?
“Life is tough, so just snuff it! Maybe we’ll be back…” I’m pretty sure that’s not what Bill HIcks had in mind with his quote, and it’s disappointing to see it misunderstood so thoroughly.

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Yeah, the art is nice but the story is an incoherent hodgepodge of misunderstood pop-philosophy, not very original. It looks like an excuse to draw Alfred cut to pieces and Joker dancing on a Zeppelin.

I guess the artist will either get sued by DC, or hired by DC, or both.

it’s cool but very disjointed and not coherent.

if it’s all a ride, if it’s all an illusion, why be good?

if suffering is an illusion, then what goodness is there in alleviating it? what evil is there in exacerbating it?

for when the ride is done, we will all be light and one anyway right? if unity and light and love is UNAVOIDABLE ultimately - in the REAL reality… then the ride is just for kicks. to get our rocks off… whether it’s a FUN ride… or a SCARY ride… it’s ALL good… right? and on the ride, there is no possible thing such as good or bad.

feed the kids or nuke them. no difference. we’re just getting our jollies.

keep pursuing this line of thought and you can just as easily end up where joker or sadaam or hitler ended up rather than where jesus or buddha is to be found.

I can’t help but feel that Batman and the Joker were shoehorned into the artist’s own statement about life, resurrection and the wheel of Karma. A comic based around the passage by Bill Hicks is a great idea, but using Batman and the Joker comes across as arbitrary and out of character for everyone involved.

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