Batman's message to America


It will only divide you from others if you want it to.


i get where you’re coming from, i really do, and i want to believe you’re trying to honestly address things. the “american dream” has always partly been about assimilation. the issue is the dream is a lie.

hundreds of years of slavery, followed by the old jim crow, now the new jim crow. treaty after treaty with native americans broken and summarily revised, indian nations starved of their own resources, and our pipeline madness is doing it again. blacklists and reassignment therapy for gay and trans folks. an administration actively fomenting against immigrants, refugees, non-christians, people with disabilities. this is not historically a nation of free and equal people.

if all people were to conform, were to stop taking about the problems that they are forced to deal with because of their intrinsic selves: would things get better?

i fear history has proven again and again it would not. all that would happen is those well meaning people in the majority would stop hearing about the racial epithets, the sexual assaults, the job discrimination, the differential, harsher, treatment under the law of minorities, and all the things real people have to deal with day in and day out.

when we sweep dirt under the rug, it doesn’t go away just because we stop seeing it.

despite our history, and our present, our constitution is profoundly forward looking. we can get there, but only if we first acknowledge the situation honestly.


Batman just warned me about crackpots who have a problem with diversity.

Is this a quiz?


Kryptonian anchor baby.


Batman wants to make us less safe! Hangs around with illegal aliens. Hides sad self behind mask. Won’t show us his tax returns. Total disgrace! Everyone’s talking about it. Sad!



Depends where you’re from. I’m a native NYer, and the idea that my neighborhood should be only … anything - white, black, protestant, rich, etc., is anathema to everything great about NY. On the other hand, if you’re from St. Cloud, and you grew up in a perfectly white, protestant neighborhood (and associate that with safety, family, and everything good), and then here come the Somalis with their stinky cooking, their strange language, and heathen ways… It can be disturbing. And since the good St. Cloudians are “not racist” (since racist=bad, and me=good), it must not be their fault that they’re resentful and scared. Since it has to be somebody’s fault (stands to reason), it must be the Somalis’. Hence, Bad Immigrants.
Further, white solidarity is the main force in killing worker solidarity. Classic example - Tyson Chicken employees very angry that they’re being replaced with low-wage Spanish speakers. Obvious cause of this is Mr. Tyson - it’s his choice to do that. But Mr. Tyson is not just white but the right kind of white - eats BBQ, has a down-home accent, and goes to church. So it can’t be his fault, because if it is, the whole hierarchy is subverted and nobody is safe from the depredations of coastal elites. So whose fault is it? You guessed it - the Spanish speakers willing to work harder for less.
Thing is, as far as affiliation groups are concerned, Mr. Tyson long ago lost his affiliation bonds with his white workers, and now has far stronger bonds with his Wall St buddies, who (being coastal) don’t give a crap about his accent or his church or his BBQ. All they care about (in typical New Amsterdam fashion) is his willingness to trade with them. And their parties are SO much better than those losers down in the plant.


Superman and Wonder Woman are both immigrants who follow weird foreign religions!


Look, maybe not all Kryptonians are violent extremists like General Zod but in the name of national security we need to suspend all immigration until we can figure out what’s going on. Sure people CLAIM that the thousands of refugees in the bottle city of Kandor are “peaceful” and “microscopic” and “don’t have a home planet to get deported to anyway” but how can we be sure??



He was illegally adopted. The social services were never called…


Trump wouldn’t listen to Bruce Wayne because he’s only a millionaire. Loser can’t even earn a billion dollars. Sad!


Lex Luthor. Great Guy. Billionaire. Scientist. Makes Metropolis great again.


Remember when the “American people electing obvious supervillain Lex Luthor as President of the United States” storyline seemed far-fetched?


Ah, the good ol’ days…


Total fiction. Sad. It would never hap… wait a minute!


DC already went there, with what happened once the Kandorians were restored to full size, and, well, it doesn’t help the argument. :thinking:

(I’ve lost track of whether it’s been retconned, yet.)

Of course, what makes for engaging fiction makes a bad basis for policy.


I remember that once Superman resigned his American citizenship


Came for the mini-skirts, stayed for the 'US-Canada Bat-Computer".