Baton Rouge cop tired of y'all saying you're journalists


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I’m tired of the talking heads on cable news saying they’re journalists, but that’s a slightly different problem.


The Constitution prevents government from abridging the freedom of the press, so this cop tries the ‘No True Scotsman’ gambit.


And I’m tired of thugs with guns saying they’re cops, so we’re cool, right?


they are missing the old days , when there was only two reporters for the local newspaper and they can either talk to the owner or the owner is a police lover and would cover all the bad thing they do


There are two kinds of people in Louisiana. Good Ol’ Boys and Everyone Else.

And Everyone Else is Black.


In Trump’s America, we’ll all be Black.


Hey you!


And Everyone Else is Black.

…or queer.


They don’t call the South the “stupidity belt” for nothing, Y’all.


I’m gonna assume the reporter had his press pass/company ID, which makes this arrest all that more egregious.

:thinking: I wonder if they’d ever arrest Bobby Jindal and process his info as an African American?


Nah, he’s “one of the good ones”…

He should have replied “and I’m tired of you assholes saying that you’re the good ones, and that there’s always a few bad apples”… but that may have gotten him shot as he was considered “black”.


“I’m tired of y’all saying you’re human beings, with civil rights’n’all.”


I’m tired of y’all saying you’re “peace” officers.


You don’t have to assume; he says so in the linked story.


Yeah, I posted about his tweet. I did go back and read the story.


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