'Battle Beyond the Stars,' full version on YouTube



Thank you for posting this! It had a profound subconscious effect on me… not the film itself, though it is of course supercool, but just simple fact that I know I saw this on TV as a (Star Wars-obsessed, desperate for similar entertainments) kid and have half-remembered it once a decade since.

ETA: The Phantom Menace is of course awful - so much so that watching whisks fly around cheap starfields is infinitely preferable :slight_smile:

To get back to Battle: I have great memories of this too. Since no-one has mentioned the obligatory connection yet, I’ll note that it’s a fun remake of The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. Certainly better than the recent remake of the latter, sigh. And of course Robert Vaughn is in two of the three. What a dude.


It’s a uterus surely?


“Spaceship buying public, say “Hello!” to the all new Gynodyne U-Taurus 5000!”


The ship should be called THE SCROTERUS.


That ship is wanted by Space Justice Warriors for micro-aggressions in 12 systems!


I guess it’s a change from all the penises in space.


Ah yes, the ol’ Flying Ballsack, of fond memory.

I also remember one, single line from the movie - actually an exchange of two lines:

Female love-interest (iirc) - “You’re warm!”

Space Johnboy - “Of course I’m warm. I’m organic!”


What’s the deal with all the full movies on YouTube now? Did they somehow fall out of copyright, or is there a revenue stream for the owners?



BTW, if anyone thought that the Rogue One score was a little uninspired and/or derivative, it’s because Michael Giacchino had four weeks to work on it.


I am a huge Giacchino fanboy (Speed Racer being my fav) but did feel a few more weeks would have been nice for him to work on that. Hopefully he will be asked back for more.

Check out John Barry’s score to “Starcrash” and see if you can see any similarities to RO.

With that, I would hope someday we will hear Desplant’s work for RO.

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