Le sigh


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For a brief shining moment, I read “out” instead of “cameos.”

There’s a game in this somewhere, but my sinus drainage is prohibiting me from seeing it immediately.

@Missy_Pants? @Humbabella? @japhroaig?



Hell, I’d hold out hope to see that, too!


I don’t know, all I know is this reminds me of the time there was a headline about Neil Young and Iggy Azalea dating but because of the way it was presented or cut off or something I thought it was about Neil Young and Iggy Pop dating. I was very disappointed.


I mean I get why you’d want to see that… but isn’t The Rock a little out of Vins’ league?

Like, maybe on half price martini night, if there was nothing good on TV and The Rock was bored… maybe.


Also, this showed up on my Twitter feed:


I think you have the wrong way around.

No wonder you live in Canada.


OMG, you could not be more wrong!


So, is the game “Who would you like to see make out”?


A pregnant man is his third trimester is a beautiful thing!


Ooh ooh ooh!

Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddlestone!



make it so.


I’m going with:





I am repulsed and intrigued by this pairing…

@japhroaig - yes, I would like pics, thank you!


start a games thread already!





Just so you know, that was for the Toronto Sun. For most of my childhood we had “Page three girls” aka Sunshine Girls. (But not topless like their UK sisters)

This was our Sunshine Boy. For one brief glorious day. The Rock was our Sunshine Boy.

Fanny packs never looked so good.


fork it fork it fork it!



Aren’t we all a tad… Afraid to be the starter of that game? I mean, I’ll play…