Battle Beyond the Stars


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Starring Richard Thomas as Wesley Crusher.


How can it be a true Roger Corman sci-fi with no worm sex?

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I remember the day my dad took me to see this, claiming it was “the new Star Wars movie!”

It really, really wasn’t. I do recall it had something to do with glowing walnuts in space, however.


After looking it up on IMDB… Sam Jaffe (The Asphalt Jungle, The Day the Earth Stood Still) was also in it! I really need to watch this again.

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I’ve been promising myself that I’ll set up a mini-marithon of Seven Samurai, Magnificent Seven, and Seven Beyond the Stars. From the sublime to the sub-lemon…

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Bah, looks like shmeg.

Now, The Last Starfighter – THAT’s an 80s sci-fi movie for kids of all ages I can get down with!


Disney’s A Bug’s Life also recycled that plot, although ending with that might ruin the kitsch.

Worth it for Robert Vaughan playing the same role he did in Magnificent 7. George Peppard is good value too.


I saw it in the theater because our paper’s reviewer said it set out to be a great “B” movie and had a lot of fun getting there. The cast is amazing and the jokes are all the right kind of stupid.

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Hey, it is possible to love both. But thank you for bringing up The Last Starfighter. As if the over-the-top silliness and hamfisted attempt to create a franchise (although I’m still hoping for the sequel) weren’t enough there was…Robert Preston! Centauri lives!

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Even though I prefer the older Roger Corman flicks–my father once told me that for their first date he and my mother went to see a movie called Bucket of Blood, and asked if I’d seen it, to which I replied, “Seen it? I’ve got it on DVD!”–I loved Battle Beyond The Stars.

And it’s like so many other Corman films I also enjoy in that there’s no explaining the appeal. It’s not like a Kubrick film where you can intellectualize it. You’re either one of those people who straps yourself in and enjoys the ride or one who stands on the platform saying, “There’s no ride there.”


Don’t forget to throw Pixar’s ‘A Bug’s Life’ in there!

Yeah saw this at the Tanforan 4 (San Bruno )way back when. I was such a Star Wars junkie I would watch anything that resembled it. I liked the Hot Dog scene!

I think James Cameron made some of the spaceships and spfx let me check…beep bop boop…

Yep !!

Whoa John Sayles wrote the story!!

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Yeah, I saw this recently and wondered if Cameron was responsible for the ship’s breasts or testicles, whatever you want to call them (breasticles?). He also worked on Corman’s Galaxy of Terror (which featured the infamous giant maggot rape scene, and yes, I’m not exaggerating that at all), an Alien ripoff, several years before he got to work on Aliens.


Terrible sci-fi movies from the 50s-80s or so really had a thing about being “BEYOND” stuff, didn’t they? Time, Space, Good, Evil, Your Wildest Dreams and/or Imagination… Granted, most of them limited it to the tagline, not the title.

That sounds like “Message From Space” to me. a very Star Wars-y ripoff of a flick.

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I always thought the scene where Shad finds Robert Vaughan’s character in the burned out bar/arcade/thing was an influence for Tom Petty’s video for You Got Lucky. Of course, post apocalypse was all the rage by 1982, but when they enter the tent, it reminds me of the Robert Vaughn scene.

No dead hookers in the Tom Petty vid, tho.

Oh, and the female ship sounds a ton like Majel Barrett, despite not being her.


The ship looks like a Cronenburgian uterus.