Battle of the Planets

Well, that’s going to be the main problem right there…

I remember watching Giant Robot as a child. My parents made me turn it off one time to go somewhere. I told them no problem I’ll just watch the rest of it when I get back. …,how’s that for predicting a VHS in the late 60"s early 70’s. Best show of all time. I bought the Johnny Socko / Giant Ronaot dvd copies off ebay about a year ago. You have to get them. It will bring back memories.

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Hummm. Non state actors organized into a para-military organization to fight for their independent idea of justice. I think today the US would declare them a terrorist organization and the NSA would tap their phone. Oh wait … so’s mine. Nevermind!

I was 8 or so when this was on TV. Compared to the fearsome arsenals of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, only the galactic empire and rebellion of Star Wars impressed me. But the armored divisions, CV groups, and nuclear aresenals of the Cold War were real. When I’d watch this on TV, the Voyager and Pioneer programs were returning our first good views of the solar system. I always thought these guys were wasting thier time with their nifty space ship. I’d have been out exploring the planets and running amok all over the Solar System.

Having rediscovered this in reruns on late-night TV in Japan a few years ago, I realised why it was so confusing as a kid: the US version edited out the graphic violence. As in goody-two-shoes Mark decapitaing baddies with his bird-boomerang violence. That left each episode a bit ragged, and forced the producers to fill in the missing minutes at the end by having the gang – remember this? – form a rock band and play a tune back at HQ. My Japanese friends are always surprised and amused when I tell them Gatchaman had a band.

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post pics pls

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100% on Star Blazers. I can still sing the opening song! Tried to force my kids to watch it but I think there was too much story and not enough action early on. Best cartoon ever though. Look for the live action movie on youtube, “Battleship Yamato”. Well done enough for fans, I wouldn’t make anyone else watch it.

Not according to Wikipedia.

If we’re going to cite TV cartoons that date us: I remember Crusader Rabbit. Not well, admittedly.

Then I would have to reveal my secret identity. And if I do that my enemies will be able to target my loved ones, because even though I have no weaknesses, my compassion for them is my weakness. Or else that’s Batman, I always get us confused.

I did a bunch of album art in the 90’s thrash/hardcore scene in Australia. Its probably a stretch to say this one was exactly like that image, but if you think T-1000 liquid alloy instead of fire, it was pretty close.


Wikipedia is a tool of the pro-Keyop industrial complex!

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Just to clarify the 1965 year is only referring to the TV anime show. The original manga it is based on ran from 1950 to 1953.

There’s a Robot Chicken episode where Tiny goes on a diet.

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Thanks for that. Mixed or not (looks iffy), I’ll probably have to check it out.

This was also the inspiration for Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555

I can’t see Battle of the Planets now without hearing One More Time!

Daft Punk’s collaborator on Interstella 5555 was Leiji Matsumoto who was the creator of Starblazers, Harlock, Starzinger, and Danguard Ace. It might seem similar to Battle of the Planets but check out those as Interstella is even more similar to those titles. Especially Harlock.

I don’t remember if it was Battle of The Planets, but at least one anime cartoon I remember watching as a kid would cause the screen of my parents’ old TV to go blank during the most intense light shows. Apparently its tubes or whatever couldn’t handle stroboscopic effects.

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yeah, no. That was you having a seizure. :0


I loved Speed Racer, but I had to chime in to see if anyone else remembers Prince Planet?

I dressed as him for Halloween as a wee lad. Looking back, it just looks like an Astro Boy ripoff, but I think they showed it here on WSNS in Chicago (they also showed Speed Racer back in the 70s). I made my way thru BOTP and Robotech (my first anime obsession), but for me, Prince Planet started it all.

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I loved Battle of the Planets as a kid. I was just the right age to obsess over the intro where the girl spins and we see her panties. I couldn’t believe the animators included that detail, as no American cartoon ever went there. In later years I found out how tame that was for Japanese animation…


I didn’t understand why they never seemed to have anything to do with the story.

Now I’ve come to understand that annoying filler is just something American TV needs to use to turn each miniseries-worth of great viewing into six seasons of padded-out frustration. There’s only so much outstandingly good content, so you have to dilute it into the most watered-down content gruel you can get away with. Otherwise you’d end up with 6 episode seasons like the UK, and that wouldn’t please advertisers.