Bay Area nurses protest, demanding removal of Mark Zuckerberg's name from their hospital


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I’m conflicted. I’d want to know if a hospital took money from Zuckerberg so I can, if at all practical, avoid going there. If they’re advocating severing the relationship, great. If they settle for the name being removed, it’s hard to see how that isn’t just obfuscating the real problem.


Well that’s not fair. Zuckerberg isn’t there, at the hospital, personally enforcing HIPAA regulations. If he was, he would be fired tout suite. Actually, running an auction out in the parking lot with sensitive patient data could probably get him prosecuted.


Zuckerberg Trauma kinda has a ring to it.


#deletefacebook from the hospital.


If the nurses get enough Likes it gets taken down, right?





The post does say that Facebook pursued data sharing arrangement with other hospitals, so I’d say the nurses raise a fair and valid concern. I guess yes, Facebook isn’t Zuckerberg, but in this case the argument is guilt by association.


I would say that if the nurses can raise $75,000,000.01 they can rename the hospital to anything they like.

Facebook sucks donkey ass and so does its founder, but if the hospital takes his money I believe they should be bound to abide by the conditions of the donation.


Remember that American skier Picabo Street who won all those Olympic medals in the 1990s? I heard she made such a generous donation to the Colorado hospital that treated her 1996 knee injury that they named a whole section of the building after her.

It’s the “Picabo ICU.”


It’s not clear from the article that Zuckerberg made the name change a permanent contractual condition of the donation. It’s not like he bought the naming rights to a sports arena.


I stand corrected.




Exactly. His name should stay up there… like a warning label.


The sin of simony… updated!!!


The “Zuckerberg Data Mining Arena”, AKA “Facebook”


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