BB Game Club?

Trying to gauge the interest in running a game club. It would work like a book club where everyone would play through a game and then talk about it. I’m thinking we’d start with a shorter game so that the discussion wouldn’t be broken up into levels/chapters/missions, at least not for the first couple discussions.

So, is anyone interested? Thoughts, suggestions?

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It needs to be mac/pc/linux or ios/android cross compatible though.


Oh definitely. As many platforms as possible. Win/PS/Xbox at the least.

Is this only video games? I would love recommendations for family board games. (I also have a few recommendations.)


Gosh. Board games are another animal. I would love to talk about them too, but perhaps in a separate topic. That would likely be more of a running discussion. I hear Kingdom Death: Monster is a great family game (No, it isn’t).

Yeah, what happened to off world? It’s still a topic on the BBS but no posts since June 2016

Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson moved on, didn’t they?

They stopped working on Offworld at the beginning of 2016. Since then there were a handful of articles by other authors. It’s too bad really.

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I’ve posted a poll for the first game in a new topic over here BB Game Club! Pick the first game

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