Offworld returns



May I suggest Offworld Trading Company as a game to feature? It’s something pretty new and very cool. Economic RTS.


Will this be focusing on computer games? I am more a fan of board games.

Also, nice to see some ethics in… oh nevermind. :wink:


Spiffing idea.

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I dont want to sound like a GG over this. Really. I’m not, and I’m not saying this with any wish for a fight.

Just a bit confused, and as I cant get to the site right now…

It is for “women and minorities”? It is for people that “didnt thought games were for them”?

Or it is for everybody and this is just a reminder that those people ARE part of everybody?

I fail 3 of the 3 in the first case so, well, good luck and hope the space you create is good for whatever you want, in that case. If the second, I may add the site to my list of media, now that I’m dropping others due, precisely, to GG :stuck_out_tongue:

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I came to say the same thing.

I’m about ready to go back to reading only zines at this point for culture.

There was KILL YR TELEVISION … but no one wants to KILL THE INTERNET. My guess is because internet porn has changed the relationship we have with our digital appliances.

So yeah … board games, too.

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I think it is for people who like games, but don’t want to be caught up in all the bullshit that has happened recently.


Actually, it is about ethics in board games journalism… :wink:

Awesome! I love Leigh Alexander’s work whereever I’ve come across it.


This is needed in so many ways. Looking forward to reading!



It is for “women and minorities”?

No, it is BY them, mostly, I suggest you read carefully.


I jsut got back from PAX east. Half a room full of video games, which caused me to feel like having a siezure. Half a room of board and card games, which I really really enjoyed.

I may do a quick write up on one I found there. It uses legos and dice. Awesome.



Right!!! You don’t even know! I circled back like 5 times… it’s the one I bought for me.


@codinghorror (does discourse usually stop autoplaying vids?)

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How about board games based on computer games, that require a tablet to play?


I’m just getting tired of shooting at things, dying, and paying for more coins. Here’s hoping for even a little decent VR in the near future.

I started seeing references to this on Twitter, then found out this was a BoingBoing project. I’m looking forward to seeing it.


The difference between “by” and “for” women and minorities seems to me a thin one. Sounds like there’s some backstory that’s not being put forward here, the end result being a front page mission statement that is a bit of a turnoff for me.

the difference between reading a website and sitting on its editorial board seems a similarly thin one, to you.

Your ‘‘concern’’ has been noted in their log, I am sure.

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