BBS/Discourse Feature Request - Stickers, Built in GIF search, text effects


If it’s good enough for Apple, surely it should be available here too?

Think of the possibilities!


Blink and Marquee support plz. Also animated avatars.



What’s the BBS code for a rainbow divider? Pretty sure that’s a must have, even if iOS doest have it.


Wheres my ponies!!


Oh, posts also need autopsy music and video embeds…by default.



Best thing to come out of slashdot was the OMG!Ponies! theme.
So while we’re adding all these vital upgrades, can we have a redesign?


Ugh. Nooooooo thanks. My mind is distracted enough as it is.


I’m afraid to ask what this is and no I’m not googlin’ it.


Used to be able to do blink, but…



But just imagine how pretty and sparkly the main BBS page would look!


Oh! Well that’s not so bad!


I don’t know, either, but if autocorrect says I need it instead of “autoplay”, then I definitely need it. :anguished:


Animated balloon backgrounds whenever it was someone’s birthday?



With autoplay of a MIDI version Happy Birthday on endless repeat, now that it’s in public domain.




I’d like direct deposits to my bank account whenever I post anything of suitable quality.


Would you settle for shares of whatever is in @beschizza’s safe?


Wells Fargo already has your accounts set up for you - all 36 of them. :smiley: By some strange happenstance, they are all over drawn for account fees. You owe $6,287.33. :hushed: