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“Any other examples of authors foreseeing 21st century media technology?” it asks. But no one can answer.


Hmm can we cross reference that in our logs @eviltrout?

In response to Three modern media inventions predicted by 20th century: My absolute favourite: The Galactic Pot Healer by Philip K. Dick, 1969. In this one, it seems like everyone is highly skilled but under-employed. The government provides you with an office, a mail shoot, a daily benefit, and a kind of video/text connection to computers and people throughout the world, and everyone sits around all day playing ‘The Game’. The Game involves selecting a famous quote or movie title and sending it from translation computer to translation computer until it is garbled. Then, you post the garbled translation on to a kind of bulletin board that everyone can see, and the winner is the person to correctly un-garble the post and workout what the original quote was. The historic example given by Dick as the basis for the fictional game has reappeared again and again as an example of early translation computer trials - I’m not sure it’s origin, maybe it came from Dick. This reference saz it was a human error

Other ‘predictions’ in the novel include hive minds, precogs, and advanced god-like aliens - have they happened yet?

Looks like there’s nothing obvious in our logs. I did see more concurrency errors and some took place around that time. I believe this commit should fix it:

It means all the autoclosing going on here will have fewer concurrency issues.

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Nice, we are getting some good fixes out of these investigations! Thanks for being on top of this, @Jorpho, @Woodchuck45, @Marktech et al!


Oh, I’ve got a nice one for you.

The comments link for

points to


Can you take a look at this early next week @eviltrout?

My work was more about logging and making sure errors were present. In this case there were no errors, but a blog seems to be linked to the wrong article. I’m not sure what would cause that – maybe we should be doing lots of extra logging, even on successful articles? Otherwise I’d need to ask someone more familiar with the WP plugin.

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“Darling, I must snark. Where is snarking-wire?”

EDIT: Seems to have been fixed, one way or another.


Ahh, there’s another one.

Wait what? It’s here is it not? Hardcore vegan baby nearly dies

for some reason the plugin was turned off and I had to manually push a few through when @beschizza and Ken caught it.

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@codinghorror I don’t know if this helps or not, but this isn’t a new problem, I’ve been encountering it randomly for quite some time now (I just got used to it I guess).

Chrome on w7 and iOS FWIW

Sorry what problem are you referring to?

Sorry, the one above on this thread of the comment link redirecting back to the topic post (if I’m describing it correctly)

The answer is one post above yours?

If it’s the answer to what the first example page does, then yes.

Wasn’t sure if:
a) it (fix) was retroactive or not
b) with reference to Discourse 1.5, wasn’t sure if versioning was important to the fix &|| if version was recent and defect expect to be tied to version, if you follow (bet you do)

Well, if you see any new BBS articles that don’t have comment topics attached please report it here!

Will do :+1:

BTW, appreciate your efforts around here.


Just for clarification, what exactly are you doing when you manually push it through? I’m still trying to reproduce this error in a way where I can understand what’s going on!