Highlight and quote in your reply.

But you’re still small shouting, you didn’t < s m a l l> it

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This is so weird, it shows up smaller in the preview than it does in the published post… da fuck? Is anyone else seeing this? @codinghorror something is very weird here, and it’s not just the BBs.

In published post:

3 # # #'s with < small>


3 # # #'s without < small >

In preview of post:

You can do THREE? :open_mouth: Never knew that!


Sure can!

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As usual http://commonmark.org/help is a good place to start.


To make text smaller I usually use the < sub > and < /sub > tags (without the spaces inside the tags of course.)

Here’s what it does.

I’d think using hashes would give more control but it doesn’t seem to work for @TailOfTruth at this point. I’m rusty at HTML and still learning Markdown, so I have no answers.


I also just want to remind the friendly mutants that this is still a thing (a thing that never got pinnedAnnoying! and a thing which I will finish if I ever have the time):


Do you mean:

  1. Highlight in their comment,
  2. hit the grey quote button,
  3. in one’s own comment, highlight the quoted text, and
  4. hit the quote button which is fourth from the left in the editing box.
    Because, if not, then you seem to be describing regular quoting.
    I remember hearing of something which preserves evidence if the luck-dragon drops by for dinner.
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Download your post history. That’s the only way to get comments that were eaten. (Profile > activity > Download my Posts.)


I’m talking about preserving a quoted piece of someone else’s comment. Say a troll comes along and drops a mess in a thread. You know it’s fated for Falcor’s stomach, but notice a tiny gleam of gold among the dross. As i understand it, normally if you quote something and it gets eaten, so does your comment*. But you want to keep that bit of treasure (or evidence) for everyone to see. I remember recently hearing of a way to do that.

* I may need correction on this point.

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I’m saying your quoted comment should still be in your post history. As far as posts disappearing when a post up-stream is eaten, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s all a matter of what the mods chose to do, and how much they want to try to sort it out. Either way, it will still be in your post history.

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If you quote in your reply, and your reply does not get eaten in the cleanup, then the offending material will remain in your post.


You can also do that with <h1> </h1> through <h6> </h6> as well as the #'s.


Like @Nightflyer I’m rusty at html and just starting to play with markdown.

It is, but some people learn more easily through discourse. :wink:

Also, isn’t this the room we type silly things to see if we got it right?

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Sure, just making sure people are aware of it.


Screenshots for Victory!


Screenshots are ever the backup option. But, to be fair, they’re not text-searchable.

You can still include text, but screenshots dint get memory-holed by algorithm.


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