Be on the lookout for lizard men, South Carolina


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Who tells someone NOT to put on a lizard costume and run around during an eclipse?!

I bet that guy IS a lizard man!


Don’t we all know how to fashion a rudimentary firearm from a hollow tree branch, some vines and indigenous minerals by now?



Fine. I’ll dress up as an amphibian man instead.


Amphibian Man!
My favorite Soviet Era SF flick


I thnk we have a new type specimen for mansplaining.


What a glorious opportunity to miss for this newscaster…

“I, for one, welcome our new reptiloid overlords…”


If the lizard men were real, they wouldn’t be paranormal.

They would be normal.


Just plastic controllers now. (sigh)


Better re-read this one.


Naked Gorn! Naked Gorn!



Old white guy recommends against it. Huh.


Why? Are they going to try to use the women’s restrooms?


I remember when The Lizardman was a regular Happy Mutant right here at Boing Boing. I think he mostly moved on to Twitter by the time the current BBS was implemented.

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