Bear mom and cubs enjoy dog food on North Carolina porch

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come take it from me stupid hooman.


squeaky voice Look at the babies!


Smarter than the average bear.


Hey Yogi! Why are we stealing dog food?

Well, BooBoo, because we don’t want to get hairballs in our pic-a-nic baskets.


Very cute, right? Very sad, actually. That’s now 5 very dead bears.
After bears learn that humans=food, the bears can NOT be unhabituated.
Please don’t do this, anywhere.


Hey! Bring back the bowl!

There is a lady who is feeding foxes in my neighborhood. People plead with her to stop but she won’t. (Sigh)


Well duhh. . . who doesn’t love eating dog food.

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Not sure if these folks are tourists, newcomers, or just not very bright. Here in western NC, if you’re anyplace other than city center, you have to keep food and trash secure, or the wildlife will find a way to eat it.

Cabin in the woods? Putting dog food outside is just ringing a loud dinner bell.


The humans must’ve been newcomers, not to know, and I hope they stop leaving food out, but ohmygoodnesscuteness!!! The mama bear is smaller than I would’ve expected.
Cute story: I met a nice old vagabond a while back, and he would harvest huckleberries in the mountains out west (US) in summers, hike down into town to sell them, then hike back up and live on the mountain all summer. He told me once he was sitting harvesting (the way he explained it, you kind of grasp the vine or stalk and run your hands down it gently nudging the berries into the waiting bucket at your feet) sitting on a fallen tree. He looked over and about 10 feet away was a bear, sitting on the same tree, doing the same thing right into his/her mouth instead of a bucket. He told me all day they harvested together. The bear would move a few feet down, he’d move a few feet down. On and on. The way he told it, I can see it in my mind like a movie.
Thanks, @xeni for reminding me of that!


Mama Bear looks a very young age, and these are more than likely her first babies. I hope Elizabeth Loflin has learned the lesson of no food at all outside, unless she wants her dogs dead and the bears hunted to death.


Is the owner being fined?

Except the wait staff at this cafe is very rude. I suspect a negative Yelp review is forthcoming.

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Yep, these people are clueless. The old cliche that a fed bear is a dead bear is as true as ever.

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