Bear repellent sends 24 Amazon employees to hospital, at least one in critical condition


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Not surprising. Bear spray is industrial pepper spray.


Knock-knock. Who’s there? OSHA. OSHA who? [because, you see, Il Douche has defunded it so no-one actually shows up to inspect the safety standards and storage of hazardous chemicals at the warehouse. Please laugh.]


Lisa, I would like to buy your warehouse.


This is a very unfortunate accident.

But it makes me realize the regular pepper spray I keep in my fishing bag is only likely to be useful against muggers, and maybe mountain lions. Not the bears I originally bought it for.

Of course, this also makes me think twice about keeping it in a bag in my car, in case it goes off.


Coming soon to YouTube: The Bear Repellent Pepper Spray Challenge.


Joke: Always carry bear spray in the woods. It can fend off brown bears, and many grizzly bears prefer a spicy meal.

They do make safety containers.


Bear repellent is actually a lower concentration than pepper spray. Of course - it’s a much higher volume.

“Bear spray… it contains only 1 to 2% OC”

" Pepper spray is a chemically derived, [non-fatal weapon for self-defense}
, intended for use on humans. It uses oleoresin capsicum as its active ingredient (at a concentration of around 10%)


In related story, 24 bears were fired from an Amazon fulfillment center. Ongoing investigations continue as to how they managed to gain employment there and whether it violated any animal cruelty laws.


At first I thought the story was going to be about a conservative homophobe


Who knew so many bears worked in the Amazon warehouse? You would think they would be hibernating now.


It happened in a NJ warehouse and was punctured by an automated something or other. The falling off the shelf thing does not sound right.Those cans are pretty well protected from falls and shipping accidents. Most if not all Bear Sprays have a Safety Cap that would prevent accidental discharge. see this story:


At this point it should be appropriate to stop and read Gordon Dickson’s The Right to Arm Bears



I was going to applaud Amazon for not discriminating on the basis of sexual preference, hope those guys are OK.


Have you seen some of the knockoff dumpshit that gets sold on Amazon…? There are virtually no input controls on their 3rd party and pooled inventory. This event surprises me precisely NIL. I’m surprised it isn’t happening more often.


I believe that It is weaker than pepper spray for humans. Bears have a better ability to scent and require less capsaicin.


Is this how I find out my LEGOs are going to be late?


Well, it’s warm in there, and they can snack on the passing workers…


But not for injuries related to being mauled by a bear. Success!!!


Incidentally, I saw Sorry to Bother You last weekend.