Beastie Boys Rock Hard

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YES!! I was waiting for a return to the Beastie’s story, can’t wait for the next chapter that should lead to the story behind this pic!



Why are these comics done with a background color of old crumbling cheap acidic paper? I find it rather annoying and it fails to push any of my nostalgia buttons, if that was the intent. It’s not as if it makes me miss the sepia tones of Miami Vice.

It’s gorgeous on print.

Also, R.I.P. M.C.A. Still miss you.



It may be persnickety to mention this, but I’m fairly certain that Madonna had not yet developed the image briefly seen in this comic.

do y’all have a damned bat-signal or something? why everyone change their avatar on the same day?

What? My avatar hasn’t changed. You must be imagining things again…

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It’s for aesthetics. It reflects the era the comics is representing.

You’ll notice panels representing the past (like those representing events in the 1970s) have little color while panels closer to the present are bright and saturated (like the two in this one). I think it’s pretty cool myself.

As another mentioned it looks brilliant in print. I certainly don’t find that it detracts from readability either.


It’s interesting how the Beasties eventually refused to play this song live since they were so unhappy at how people took it seriously as a party anthem when it was meant to be satire.


Oh yeah, the cone bra. Wasn’t that around 1990? Could probably get it fixed for print.

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“The Beastie Boys, a ‘hip-hop’ band from the bowels of New York City, began the evening with 30 minutes of nasties. Their overall vulgarity was a shoddy way to open a show of such magnitude. With a DJ who ‘scratched’ his way into the heads of listeners and three other talentless urchins who pranced about making lewd gestures, the Beasties succeeded only in their quest to be obnoxious.” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 29, 1985


I have the print copies, and they are enormous, tabloid-sized, and absolutely gorgeous. The newsprint background makes it gritty and perfect.

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