Beautiful classic Star Trek coffee mugs


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Found this 'lil beauty from 1976 ages ago, been using it as my desk pen cup. Plastic.



That is awesome. Looks like it is from a kids dinner plate/bowl set or lunch box?


I love the first mug but I’m worried that if I spend $35 on a made in china coffee mug my grandmother would rise from the dead and slap me silly.


Quite a bit nicer design than my Shatner’s Head mug:

I’ve never used it. It’s lived most of its life in a box because it kinda creeps me out.



It might be. It def has that feel, the fitted bottom designed to stack
I have the same physical model in a Star Wars brand too. (1977)


This one doesn’t inspire sweet dreams either:



True classic Star Trek cups should be paper:


There is actually a lot of Star Trek dishes. Go to and search Star Trek or here:[]=product_type_exact:China
I am partial to the DS9 set…


I like that; very 1930s Soviet - Gustav Klutsis and the like


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