Take a look at this retro ad for Star Trek Christmas ornaments

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Those are way better than two pie pans glued together [flying saucer] ornament.


My in-laws have one of those. It absolutely gets placed on the tree every year!


I have a few of these and they are amazing. I like the Shuttlecraft Galileo the best. Has a button to hear Spock wish you a happy holidays. I guess the war on Christmas went on well into the future.



I knew a guy in the effects industry that did practical shots for Star Trek. At one point for Deep Space 9 they had to have a lot of ships decloak and the solution was to turn to hallmark stores and buy the ornaments. They spray painted them for the matte shot.


We have lots of collectable Hallmark ornaments. A complete lighted lighthouse set we own is worth a few hundred bucks. Never got into the Star Trek stuff but…

Way back when Star Trek The Movie came out, my mom, for some unknown reason, bought a set of these. She gave them to me a while ago to see if they were worth anything. Not life changing money but more than zero. By the time you box them up carefully and ship them somewhere there’s not much money in them.

These are not mine, mine are boxed up in the attic. Our daughter and husband will probablly inherit them and actually use them.

  1. I had the Klingon bird of prey for years, which I loved.

  2. That is absolutely Martha Hackett, the actress who played Seska on Voyager, and a Romulan commander on DS9.


alright, alright, I hate to do it but I have to be gatekeeping son-of-a-b-tch that you were all expecting, because everybody knows that imperial warbird is the WRONG color - any self respecting star trek fan knows that its supposed to be GREEN, not grey.

there, I’ve said it, flag me, you know you want to, and I know I had it coming…


Over the holidays the deli I often go to had this whole set for sale and most looked new in box. Must have been 15-20 pieces, some of which were figurines such as Picard. It was pretty cool to look at all of them, but collectibles are not really my cup of tea.

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I’d be very tempted if we ever put up a Christmas tree. Closest we get is a tall ship model strung with firefly lights.

That’s amazing!

I have a ton of these, though not the complete run. I have a big gap from the late 1990s and early 2000s, but have been trying to get the new ones every year more recently.

And this past Christmas, my BFF (who often goes thrifting) found me the Worf from the late 90s…

Here is a complete list by year…



I thought the same.



It only makes all the other ones more valuable.


I wonder why they didn’t have them in the correct color? Especially when they devoted such attention to accuracy otherwise. It’s baffling.

And I don’t think it’s a nerd thing to complain about it or point that out. Anyone who watches a second of the Romulan ship on screen knows that it’s green.

Are you sure about that :wink:

One of the studio models is actually blue grey.

(The colours in Trek are a constant source of debate in the multiple trek modelling groups I am in. Yes multiple, I have too much nerd for just one :wink: )



Years ago I had an Enterprise-D model kit and in the book the base colour suggested was duck egg blue. Which surprised me at the time looking at that colour and how it shows on screen even though it’s technically correct when you see the production models.

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Especially confounding when the Enterprise shifts from blue-green to white, while the Romulan Warbird shifts from grey-green to bright kelly green. Holy Orian Slave Trader Batman!

I actually do think the studio models were grey-green, but always bathed in a green glow from their engine light. That said they always presented as green on the screen.