The HAL 9000 Christmas ornament


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I’m sorry, Dave; I can’t let anyone put that on my tree…


Ouch! $40 in Canuckistanian dollars on Will have to visit the local Hallmark store to see if they have one.


Open the fireplace gate Hal.
I am afraid I can’t do that Santa.


Beats Elf-on-a-Shelf. I ought to put HAL on my mantel and tell my children it’s watching them.


Remember when Harlan Ellison went after them for making a Guardian of Forever ornament?


Fixed that for ya




Interesting ideas. But so expensive. The Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon, the TIE fighter, are all $40. Not to mention a $100 Deathstar.


I have a bunch of Hallmarks “Space” ornaments from the late 90’s.
They had a classic space series with John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, The LEM, and a sound and motion “Freedom 7”. Along with Jetson’s (Rose and Saucer), Star Wars, Trek ships, our tree looked like a SciFi convention.


With manufacturers secreting in surveillance capabilities into their products, the warning to your kids may turn out to be true.


If you want to get some good idea about some of the wonderful things hallmark offers for SciFi/Movies etc
here’s a direct link. (you can still use amazon to give boingboing a credit cut—I think boing gets credits if you purchase amazon stuff within X mins after viewing a boinglink)

Tho amazon has some discontinued ones still available.


The slow Daisy does not match my memory of it very closely, but I didn’t try to compare.


They’ve just restored this sculpture right outside my office:

I don’t have a photo of the restoration, but it is deep black and shiny.


Sacrifice one, cut the speaker wires and feed it into better system.


No. Black, yes. But not shiny. Not shiny.


Hm. Internet of Shit Happy Holiday decorations that allow your friends/family to send greeting pictures/video/audio clips.

I mean, what could go wrong?


Did he? Why I am not surprised… I’ve had that for years, and it recently stopped working (3 or 4 christmases ago?).


A tad off topic, but I will always love Hallmark for creating a ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ that is really close to the book. Omar Sharif plays a character never before seen and Ted Danson stars. His wife is, er, his wife in the pic. It is a bit obscure and hard to find, but worth the effort.


I suppose it would be more accurate to say that, rather than Hallmark directly, Ellison sued Paramount for not giving him his cut. I expect it had reverberations when it came to future licensing agreements, though.

I seem to recall reading that a lot of these older ornaments can fetch reasonably high prices from collectors.