Beautiful imaginary Hungarian money


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I had the “design your own money” assignment back in the day. Nothing as beautiful, but I had what I still think is a GREAT idea - make one dollar bills with blank rectangle on the back. Then sell that spot for advertising. That is right - MAKE MONEY MAKING MONEY. Set a minimum of like 100,000 bills or something. You would not only make money selling the ads, covering your costs of physically making the bill, but it encourages collecting and taking money out of circulation - savings!

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I’m still bothered that the security thread on the 20 is opposite from the rest of them, without reason.

The imaginary money will go well with the imaginary democracy:

For the last few years, Hungary has steadily been slipping down the slope towards totalitarianism.

The Hungarian currency has the record for hyperinflation. In 1926 the pengo was a (mostly) silver coin. Up to the end of 1945 the 5 pengo coins were made of aluminium. In July 1946, the new Hungarian forint replaced the pengo at the rate of 1 forint = 4 x 10^29 pengos.

We used to have one of their banknotes at home. I can’t remember the denomination but it had some bonkers number of zeroes on it. Those notes were pretty too.

Even without the UV effect, that would be downright magical as currency. I can’t imagine an actual country cool enough to have notes with nature designs unless it was Elf-land or something.

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20’s are counterfeited more often than any other note. They’re common enough that people use them all the time without scrutiny, unlike 50’s and 100’s that will get more inspection. Putting the threads on the opposite side is just a way to give it a quick once-over.

Fun fact: when I worked in a bank, we actually found a $5.00 bill that someone had taped the corners of a $1.00 bill to. Don’t commit crimes when you’re stoned.

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Lots of places have animals and natural land marks on their currency.

The backs of the new NZ notes are just beautiful. Here’s the $5 featuring the Hoiho.

the rest can be found here:


My favorites are still Antarctican Dream Dollars.

There are, but I’ve not seen any with that spare, romantic quality, nor paring plants and animals in that way. Inevitably there’s a person on one side.

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