Beautiful photo of Earth from 10,000 miles away taken on this day in 1968


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Typos all around in this article. :frowning:

The headline says that the photo was taken in 1968. The quote says that it was taken in 1969.

But the actual NASA page says 1967.

While 1968 is plausible, there’s no way that this photo would’ve been taken in 1969, since the moon landing was in July 1969, and I’d sure hope they weren’t testing Apollo 4’s translunar motors 4 months after Apollo 11 actually landed on the moon.


If, like most people, the majority of what you know about the Lunar program is Neil and Buzz on Apollo 11, you’re missing some spectacular stories. The lead up to the first landing was long, and full of adventure. I recommend the books “Carrying the Fire” by Michael Collins, and “Apollo 13” by James Lovell, which eloquently tell the stories of the Gemini and Apollo programs by two men who flew in them.


On a day like this, I’ll take a NASA chaser like this over a unicorn chaser.


I see you’ve fallen for the “Round-Earth Conspiracy”. This is obviously a fake. Smart people know the Earth is a disk, with ice walls around the outside.

Yes, I’m kidding.



I noticed this too. I figured the quote would have been a direct copy/paste, but apparently it was hand-typed.


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