Beavers knock out Internet in Canada town

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Canada bein’ Canada right there.

We had a beaver pond in our front yard and they chewed up the salty wiring on the Scout plow truck so my father had to rewire through the interior of the cab (although why we needed brake lights in our own driveway for an unregistered vehicle is still an open question).

The beavers would also come up and take apples right out of your hand; their little family was friendly with ours.




Telecommunications cables to a beaver? Being orange, they might be carrots. If not edible, dam construction materials.
FACT: Beavers really have no use for the internet, therefore it’s all just construction materials, free for the taking.

Oh Canada!


The sheath on those cables is kevlar, beavers know their materials . By the way, discarded optic cable makes good “rope” if you can get your hands on some.

My dad had a nearly decade long battle with beavers who like to build dams on the property behind ours. His big concern was the dam would break and flood our property (which was a genuine possibility). No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t dissuade them from leaving. I think at one point he was out there trying to knock it down almost daily.

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We did the exact same thing; to get to the property we had to literally build our driveway over the spillway and put in a culvert (which had to be carefully fenced, or they’d dam that, too). If the pond had ever flooded, it’d take out the driveway. Dad liked to tinker though, so he happily went out there each morning to commune with the beaver family and give them more work to do overnight. Needless to say, we never took a vacation.

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That’s very similar to what our situation was. The pond wasn’t in on our property, but the creek that flowed out of it was. If the dam flooded or broke, it would have taken out the culvert that ran under our driveway. For the longest time almost everyone in my family would ask my dad about the beavers (until they finally sold that place). He always had an update :joy:

Gotta love living in Canada.


Hmmm, that’s a thick conduit. Perhaps 4.5in O.D?

“…the Trans-Pacific cable was down again. It’s always getting chewed on by sea beavers.” (The Stench of Honolulu, by Jack Handey)

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