Become a master copywriter with this 5-course bundle - and pay whatever you want for it

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If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that either that the Stacksocial copywriters never took this 5-course bundle, or they did, and this this 5-course bundle will make you terrible, terrible copywriter.


Furthermore, the copy says you can have all five elements for whatever you choose to pay, but then we see you only get two.
Bait and switch.
So the copy is badly written, fraudulent, and engenders some animosity toward the advertiser.

Maybe they should have farmed the job out to a “Master Copywriter”, though I doubt such a job title really exists in the world of copywriting. It would imply that there’s a copywriters guild, or a professional body.

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Sooooo, you’re saying they’re Master Baiters?



Uh Uh. They are coax suckers.

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Ok I would like to pay minus $5000908537.
Cash or check just drop it round.

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