This training can help make 2020 the year you get working as a professional copywriter

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Hey Kids! You can get Cash! or Premiums! selling Cloverine Brand Salve! It says so right in this comic book, so it must be true!

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I got all excited when I read this… thought maybe BoingBoing was going to finally hire a copy editor.


I’m already a professional copywriter: I intentionally misspell things online to cheese off the the language people

Language belongs to the commons! Unless I can use it as a cudgel against the lumpen proles, then language is suddenly an instrument of the academic realm. But if you are being academic in a way I don’t like, I will most certainly assert that language is owned by the people!

I’m sure all the copy-editors out there are finding it refreshing and humorous to hear how it’s a big money profession.

We’ve recently heard from the BB store that you can be hired as an AWS deployment expert with just a few hours training.

Maybe they could just cut to the chase and offer a 5 hour $19.95 training course on How to Be a Billionaire?

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