Become a travel expert with this jetsetter's crash course

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“Jetsetter” and “crash” in a headline does not give me confidence. “Chinese” and “bootcamp” in the same sentence also sets off alarm bells.


The only piece of advice I can share that helps one become a better traveler is: Pack as Light As You Can!

Seriously. Take only what you need and even a little less. Strive for only one carryon bag. Makes the experience SO much more enjoyable. Even a few pounds/kilos makes a huge difference.

Unless you’re going to the jungles of Borneo, there’s always a store nearby if you forgot/need something.


Yes, this! Also, soft-sided backpack beats hardshell roll-aboard. It will almost never get bumped from the overhead bin, and lets you easily navigate escalators, subway systems, cobblestone streets, etc.

But, leave a little bit of room for some small luxury. For me, it’s a coffee grinder/pourover filter/mug thing and some fancy coffee beans. The ability to make a great cup of coffee in any hotel room is totally worth a couple of pounds in my bag.

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