Become an in-demand project manager with the help of this accredited training

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that stock photo with the 17 year old models really inspires confidence


This is a really weird idea for a training. Agile / DevOps has product owners, not project managers, and it’s completely antithetical to PRINCE2, which is a project management methodology developed mainly for US government projects. PRINCE2 is predicated on knowing the future with 100% certainty and documenting the hell out of it and creating a plan; Agile’s about recognizing the future’s about 0% predictable and putting a whole lot of flexibility in the team.

I know you guys need to make bank, but this really sounds fishy to this guy with 30 years experience in a variety of project management methodologies.


How will I find time to be an in-demand project manager? I’m already overrun with software developer job offers after completing boing-boing’s learn C++ in 10 minutes $10000 value course for the low low price of $10.

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