Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and more can become second nature after this project management training

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Came here just to chime in regarding that lovely stock photo in the post. On the laptop screen, emblazoned in 72 pt Arial bold, is the word, mansplaining!

Picture perfect!


So true! And the girls are VERY attentive, as is only proper :crazy_face:


And once the deal is over, it goes back up to…$1800?

Okay, I think I’ll buy it. But only so I can look forward to spending that spare 1700 and some odd dollars!

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I’m an Agile Coach in real life. I’m tempted to buy it because I see a few subjects in there that I wouldn’t mind having a refresher on, and 45 bucks is a damn bargain.

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Agile isn’t a methodology for project management. It’s a philosophy for software development.


If you were a real pedant you’d say agile is an adjective :smiley:


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