Jump into project management with a certification in Agile

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Last year’s management hipster weapon of choice.

No doubt far far better than 6-Sigma, Change, Quality, and all the other hipster bullshit we’ve had to put up with over the years, which are all now garbage compared to the awesomeness of Agile.

Agile, however, will be great forever and never ever go out of fashion.



I dunno… I keep hearing great things about Nimble.

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Eventually it’s Spry…for when you’re still at it after all these years.


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I don’t think it works that way.


Oh please. Spry is just a watered-down iteration of Brisk.


Brisk is just a sugared up version of Lipton.


Unless you’re confusing it with Lithe you’re just being silly right now.


I am a little shocked that Agile is being trumpeted as the new hotness here.

Because Agile is old news.

DevOps is the new hotness.

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That takes me back. The Wacky has a History.
Before the Manifesto we called it “just winging it”. That was when C and Fortran had no “++” or Roman numerals appended.

That’s my idea of hell - somehow ending up on a project run by someone whose experience consists of an online short course in project management.

Oh the fun we’d have together!


It’s a two day course and the certification is open book with a passing grade being something like above 67%. Scary huh?

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I prefer Dodge, especially for meetings.

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I’m pretty sure I’m now stuck with Doddery.

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