This three-track course will help you learn Six Sigma


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Is Six Sigma still a thing? I thought Lean was where all the cool management consultants were at these days.


I thought it was ‘agile’. Or ‘devops’, in months with an ‘R’ in it.
Maybe it’s some sort of retro/revival thing, like vinyl records?


Another good idea unerringly turned into shite by bosses who just see it as another step in micromanagement. I’ve had a colleague who was wildly enthusiastic about the introduction of agile methods. A year later he was no longer working for that company but had to admit himself for mental treatment. Another one who was working hard to get the “agile” schemes of our pointy haired boss done had a heart attack. A third one started drinking. The nice and capable people quit. I am not making this up. When a team decides for itself it wants to be agile, great. If your boss tells you you have to be “agile” by next month, get the hell out of there.


Agile as interpreted by consultants:


. . . . .but does it work at Amazon ??


oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh… porn for people that enjoy ironic corporate waste and misguidance.

It’s amazing to me how my coworkers trust and believe in the corporate world. Its similar to racism, religion, etc, it just makes sense to some people.


My team has problems integrating the new trendy processes and sticking with them, so instead we Frankenstein the parts that work for us making it some sort of Agile Six Scrum Fall. Looking back, we all kind of do what we have always done, it’s just different levels of micro managing. Micro Agile Six Scrum Fall??? Hrm, I like it, I will run it by the team tomorrow.


Whoa there! Think about it a bit first…

I mean, package it up with some inspirational story about how the team at $TRENDY_CORP used this new method to increase productivity by 338%, have some pointless graphics and google a few “inspirational” quotes to pepper throughout the text and you might have yourself a bestseller…

If you get a clever agent, you could keep yourself on the gravy-train for life…


Needs more cowbell blockchain.


Reel to Reel is the next management lollapalooza


only after retirement





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