74% off this project management lean process certification course

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which sends you a high-level Certificate of Completion

Mmmm, worth the paper it’s printed on.

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No the paper can be used for an amusing airplane and that is worth way more than any “Lean” training.


I work as a firmware programmer, and I’ve repeatedly made the experience that when my manager joyfully tells me that we’re going to be lean or agile now it’s time to start looking for a new job. what it always seems to boil down to is

  • management tasks and risks are being shuffled off to employees that are not paid for that stuff by a long shot
  • a surge in meetings, reporting and accounting duties getting in the way of actual work
  • a whole bunch of colleagues suddenly transforming into project managers, scrum masters, pair programming partners and the whole ilk, who instead of doing work on their own now take turns looking over my shoulder and telling me how to do my work on a daily basis
  • arbitrary sprints, deadlines and milestones appearing out of thin air and forcing me to erratically start and stop working on different subprojects with no sensible relation to the overall development goal

One Scrum guru himself said “of course it’s micromanagement, BUT the whole team does it”. That pretty much fits my experience, only the “but” is pretty much worthless and does not improve anything.

Lean and agile shake up things. They can in theory be useful to shake up an encrusted and dysfunctional organization. As a permanent management approach, they are nothing short of toxic. Unfortunately, they entrench themselves, replacing the old practices. I have never heard of anyone getting rid of agile. How would you even sell that, getting rid of something that everyone sees as the holy grail?

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