Bee Gees comments link is broken

Clicking on the comments link just reloads the page.

This is a cover of a Chipmonks song, right?

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Yeah I was looking to comment, too. Oh well, I’ll do it here.

This belongs in the thread but since it’s been closed, screw it. I’ll say it here.

The Bee Gees got unfairly stigmatized after the disco backlash. The truth is they were an incredibly talented group of musicians with an extensive and varied catalog. Even their disco tunes which as far as I’m aware were not considered bubblegum but serious dance music were pretty good. The Gibbs were also superb lyricists with a real knack for creating vivid imagery and story telling.

This one is one of my favorites:

Chumbawamba (another unfairly stigmatized and seriously great band) does a wonderful cover of this song, too.


The link is broken?!?!?!


Definitively covered at BBS discussions missing