Bee pulls nail out of brick wall


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I guess she was just:


I’d guess she (bee-drones are all female, right?) was investigating the hole as a possible nest-site…


Drone is actually the term used for the male bees which do nothing but mate with a queen. If the bee was looking for a nest-site, it would be a queen bee, as a worker bee would not be capable of nesting. (Well, unless it is.)


The nail was in the wall because the videographer put it there, after seeing the bee go in and out of her egg chamber.

She pulled it out because it was in the way.


That looks like what’s going on based on his dialog. I also can’t conceive of any other reason a person would be recording that scene unless they’d set it up.


That’s pretty good confirmation, then - I watched it with the sound off.

That’s not a masonry nail, it’s a roofing nail, and it hasn’t any tool marks on it. It was placed in the hole, where it rests loosely.

The bee knows nothing about nails, but she knows where her egg gallery is!


That nail was a buzz kill.


That’s for eusocial bees like honeybees and bumblebees. Most that nest in little holes, things like leafcutter and mason bees, live on their own in or in small groups; they don’t have distinct castes like queens and workers.


Right. And the nail was just loosely in there. It wasn’t one of those mason nails that actually hold into place.


That bee is now the rightful king of England.


Bee: “Whew…this is hard work. I need to rest a second.”

flies around like a maniac


Second question first: the guy shooting the vid mentioned it’s the bee’s hole. The fact the bee went in the hole afterwards supports that idea.

First question second: obviously, the nail was put in the hole so we could get this vid. I guess the dude saw the bee coming and going through the hole and wondered how the bee would react if it was blocked.


Bees buzz shit out of holes when necessary, buzz


Moral of the story: Get a video published by tormenting bees.


While the nail is not a masonry nail, the bee is almost certainly a mason bee, which lays its eggs in holes just like this one.


In brick or stone? Badarse.


He could just be a regular old bee perv.


ants are always getting all the credit.
do you even pollinate, bro?


She’s a mason bee, and the cameraman is a jerk.