Unused bed colonized by giant horrifying wasp-nest


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In wasp news: Nest in strange non-tree object destroyed by giant horrifying mammal.


Fire. The solution is fire.


Did you get this article from BUZZFEED?


… and lots of it.

thanks for the nightmare fuel Corey.

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Somehow, I don’t think anyone actually counted to 5000.

Nope nope nope.

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Don’t worry, it’s not a real story. Just some viral marketing from Tessier-Ashpool S.A.


That gif is its own reward.

Mr Birkett, of Owslebury-based Longwood Services, used a spray to kill the insects on Sunday (August 24). It gives him mixed feelings. “It is amazing how they build it, by chewing the wood off gates and things. Although they are a pest in homes they are a friend of the gardener by killing aphids.

“I thought ‘what a shame’, but I had a job to do and the client was terrified.”

My parents are easily the most live-and-let-live people on the planet, but one or two stings, and they take them out. Those f*****s aren’t defensive, like ants or bees, they’re aggressively territorial. It’s not, “You disturbed our nest, now we fight!”, it’s more, “You saw the secret location of our nest (on your front porch), now you must DIE!”


It’s amazing how they started out kind of random but by the bottom half they were making all these organized geometric patterns!



These are the hybrid Afghanized Bees


Imagine the excitement if Aunt Sara had come down for a few days!


It’s always interesting to compare journalistic standards in Britain and America. Over here, any newspaper but the lowest trash tabloid would either have left the number out of the headline or put it on quotes (e.g. " ‘Thousands’ of wasps found in St. Cross bedroom"…) Over there, one guy says “There must have been 5,000 wasps” and bam, we’ve got an exciting headline.

Other words you won’t see outside quotes in American headlines, other than Weekly World News: “evil,” “twisted,” “perverted,” “romp.”

Of course we have Fox News to take the blame for, so it goes both ways.


Makes me think of the good old days when our friends from California would come up to Wisconsin to stay in their old family farm house every summer… My sister would usually go over there a week or two before they arrived to open up the place and see what critters had moved in over the winter and what part of the house had deteriorated. The funniest was the time that a family of woodchucks was residing in the living room (one was sprawled out on the couch).


That is a little less horrifying than what woodchucks can do outside a house. Acquaintance had them demolish the foundation to a den room that had been added on to her house.

Except I’m going to try not to think where they were pooping and peeing inside.

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Invented by an Australian and perfected at the Sun.

One of the things I don’t quite get about the Beeb is the surplus of scare quotes.

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If that had been me that had opened the door, they would have all flown straight to my body…
Man, every stinging insect seems to love me. I’ve been stung over the years so many times on every part (including up my shorts while hiking) that I can’t even remember.
I still remember my first, though - I fell down on the grass in kindergarden and my hand landed on a bee. 43 years ago.


like it was some sort of… digitalArtform?


I read the news today, oh boy…