Wasp nest found in attic


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Had basketball sized nest in the big rhododendron in the front yard this summer.


Nasty little buggers. [say in a bad British accent]


Wasp nest found in WASP nest


Runs far, far away screaming, “Nopenopenopenopenope!”*

*I once had a run-in with an entire hive of bees as a kid, when I unwittingly crapped on their house.



Ant poison.


Although you wouldn’t want it in your own loft

Actually I would! Wasp nests are abandoned after one season and never returned to. Equally, other wasps never build a new nest in the vicinity of another nest. Therefore, having an abandoned wasp nest such as this in your attic pretty much assures you that you won’t get any more wasps nesting in there.

I have a similar sized (abandoned) wasp nest in my attic that is approximately 7 or 8 years old now and I’ve never had wasps since that year.


I feel like running away from my phone just seeing a picture of it.


And in this way was tactful criticism learnt.



Given that Rob posted this, I half expected to find a wasp nest so large that it consumed an entire attic. Kinda glad that wasn’t quite the case. :smile_cat:


“Vespis Vulgaris”? what a crappy name for wasps.

Hornets, however, can go eat strychnine.


Wasps: Not Even One Season Once.™


Yeah, that’s a hornet’s nest.




I smell a business opportunity. From the other comments I can tell I’m not the only one who’d pay to not have wasps around.


It’s already a thing [: Google fake wasps nests. From what i’ve read there’s no hard science yet that shows that these fake wasps nests are effective and the anecdotal evidence seems to be mixed. Some say it doesn’t seem to curb the presence of wasps while others say it worked very well.


Try dousing them with coyote pee.


The fake ones did not work at our house.

On a slightly related note, I slept under this night before last.