Beep Beep (his horn went beep beep beep)


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A classic.

People learn not to tell you no. E.g., the motorcyclist who does, in fact, bully.

Allan Sherman before Hello Muddah.

I had a novelty hits double-album when I was a sprog. Along with hotrod Lincoln and Beep Beep, I always loved “seven little girls”. Fred was a lucky guy. Poor other guy. But really, “seven”?!

Ah - I remember that from Dr Demento.

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Always loved that one. I still have the 45!

55 years and still great!

This is one of those songs I heard people talk about and sing or hum little bits of when I was a kid without ever hearing the song itself. I should have known it was on YouTube somewhere, but then I much prefer to be introduced to it this way.

IIRC this song was used on a variety of carnival rides – the type which start slow and end up at dizzying speeds designed to make most riders scream or puke :frowning: .

Is that Morton Downey, Jr. on the right, in the still photo at the beginning? (Sure, why not, he got erroneous credit for “Wipeout”…)

I believe I ‘chortled’.

This song has popped into my head every few months since I was about 10 years old and heard for the first time. I’ve never taken the time to look it up though. Now I may have to buy the mp3 and put it in my music library.

Such a great word. We were a little obsessed with it in high school.

One of the many songs I used to play to wake my children up, back in the day …

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