Beer-bottle thrower splashed with boater's giant waves

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I don’t understand why a social occasion needs music so loud you have to yell. And yes, I yell at clouds.

Glad no one was hurt: alcohol, boats charging at other boats, and bottles flying through the air. I kind of want to cheer for the “good guys” but to me it doesn’t look like anyone won.

Sorry to be a downer, but I live just hours from the midwest’s largest party on water and safety is a real problem. Pretty sure this incident would have included at least one brandished handgun in my waters :disappointed:


Pretty the notion of a handgun was why the jet-skiers took off so quickly…

But yeah, I don’t get the need for a soundtrack to every activity. I don’t go hiking or biking to hear your music in nature, people. Maybe listen to the provided soundtrack…


While the music-players absolutely deserved the swamping after the beer-throwing, it is kind of odd that two guys on jet-skies are concerned about noise made by others.


If you want to get into a fight on who can be more obnoxious on the water - jet skiers will win EVERY TIME.


I’ve lived 5 years next to two families that are seriously obnoxious (booming stereo system, so let’s go outside to play it for the neighbors) with their music, and it appears to stem from toxic masculinity. Assholes just have to show off and show how much “better” they are than the rest of us.

ETA: The littering also bugs me. People in Tijuana complain so much about the litter, but turn around and toss their stuff out the car window at the next opportunity.


I think I know of what you speak. “The Lake” (of the Ozarks), amirite?
A place I still like to go to, but only in the cold months, when almost every business is closed, and all the partiers are gone.


Then my neighbor is apparently a woman who suffers from toxic masculinity. Holy hell it’s like the speakers are inside my head it’s so loud (inside with our windows closed). And it’s compounded by her taste being just criminally bad and monotonous. How many wavy buildups and beat drops can you listen to in one night.


I think they are speaking Portugese but the body language of the jet skier that was talking to them when he pointed seems to indicate “We can hear this crap a mile down the river.”


This rule applies to all music played outdoors – excluding concerts and scheduled events – the quality of the music is inversely proportional to the volume.


In my book; when Jet-skiers and obnoxious partyboats knock each other out, that’s a win-win situation.

God, I hate both with a passion. I used to live near the water in holland. That could have been a fantastic place to live except that you couldn’t really safely swim there because of the stupid speeding jet-skis and you couldn’t sleep in summertime because there were always at least 5 competing party-boats going on.


Don’t be so sure about that!

Since BB now autoplays reddit clips, is there a setting to turn that “feature” off?

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I have kids sleeping here!!!

Would it be fair to suggest this is a first world problem (or upper first world) to jump on your jet ski to complain about the music volume coming from a neighbors yacht???

Get off the tiny lawn on the balcony of my apartment!!!

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