Beethoven, but EPIC


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Self reply Rick van der Linden rocks even with a grand piano.


:angry: Beethoven does not need to be improved. Not even by “Epic Music World.”


Beethoven butt epic.


I thought we covered this years ago:


But… but… Beethoven is already epic!

I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise!


Here’s the do-it-yourself version:


Beethoven can perfectly well be epic on his own, thank you very much.


There was a great Radiolab episode about Beethoven. Late in life, he got a metronome, and went back and marked all his symphonies with insanely fast tempos–impossible, crazy speed. No-one is quite sure what he was up to…


I was about to write that.
Beethoven is epic.
Fucking PERIOD.
´Nuff said.


Fuckin’ epic.


Roll over, Beethoven - and tell Tchaikovsky the news


This kind of reminds me of the YouTube comments regarding how certain musicians’ (ex: Led Zeppelin) versions (uncredited, of course) of early blues music are so, so much better than the original versions created by said blues artists. What these fan-boy appropriationists don’t get is that if these early blues artists didn’t exist, those ‘certain musicians’ would have had much less or nothing to offer.

PS: Listen to Prokofiev straight.


Imagine Michael Jordan, but good at basketball. Or perhaps if Shakespeare could write a good play.


Oh how could I forget? DISCO BEETHOVEN!


Oh, I could think of a few ways.


I’ll take my LVB straight, no chaser. This shit is boring beyond belief.


At some point, some crustacean prehistory scholar will, ummm, unwater a recording of this, transcribe it and describe the soft-shell culture as “worth to have been wiped out”.


Been done, and better…