How to spot an original, and how to be one

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Completely authentic and original. HONEST!


I’m a remix.


what is this Hunger Games bull shit?

On ‘originals’… They don’t really exist, everyone is influenced. Everything is derivative.


How to be just like everyone else: try really hard to be different.

See also: how to wind up just like your parents by trying really hard not to.


The easiest way to not be like everyone else is to Don’t Care, and copy whatever aspect of whomever is handy. You’ll get your own mix.

Inability to fit in, and therefore absence of peer pressure to copy some specific aspects you wouldn’t pick otherwise, helps too.



I’m confused as to why you posted a video of someone trying to talk sense into a crowd of Trump supporters.

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Wait a minute — which Beethoven compositions are awful? Most of them? Really? No.


Looking at famous people and deriving lessons from their successes only seems to me to prove that hindsight is always 20/20. I bet there are plenty of failures who did exactly the same things but they’re not considered because, well…

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In comparison with Bach? Yes.

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The podcast is worth a listen. The wording in the little précis paragraph kind of flubs that one. The author’s point isn’t that most of Beethoven’s compositions were awful, but that he wrote as many flops as his other Vienna contemporaries. Beethoven’s relative profligacy is well known. The author is simply arguing that one of the distinguishing characteristics of someone with original ideas is lots of less original ideas.


I did listen to the podcast. I understand what he’s talking about, but the capsule reads “most of Beethoven’s compositions are really awful.” That’s ridiculous.

It is a bit hyperbolic.

Ok travel down the street in a vehicle powered by giant tortoises in giant hamster wheels. You need to be wearing an upward pointing cape tied round the waist, swinging a marmalade slathered banjo while clicking ivan eats boiled capilaries in morse code.


You also have to do it before it gets to be cool.

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I refuse to allow any of this content inform my behavior.

To you, because they are more emotional and less math-based.

Some of us like emotion in our music.

I just heard a new one by Beethoven last night actually. As in, I’d never heard of it before, and that’s despite studying his works in a college course. Not his best, which is why it’s little known, but still worth the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing it in concert.