How to spot an original, and how to be one


I love the greats. And I also understand people’s disdain of them. My own hatred of Hayden isn’t very well concealed :smiley: (even though I grudgingly admit, like those disgusting things called olives, they both have merit).


I should have invited you to our Lord Nelson Mass concert this past fall (by Haydn, naturally!).


At this point you probably know I have a Lord Nelson comemorative poster i bought at St. Paul’s.

Why do the people at the office call me weird?



We’re sharing the concert this weekend, as we always do for our winter concert, and at the dress rehearsal tonight we finally heard the other group’s pieces for the first time. For one of the folk songs they are singing, about a quarter of them play various instruments including banjo, fiddle, ukulele, and tin whistle. I thought of you! (No hurdy-gurdy, though.)

We’re doing Mendelssohn and Bartok (among others). Any higher on your list than Haydn?




Has this replaced “My hovercraft is full of eels”?


I’ve lost my post, dangit. Okay, from memory.

Weber for clarinet work (mozarts adagio isn’t bad, but overplayed), debussey, Mendelssohn, Martin for his mid century classical saxophone work, Copland for showing that the US has something to contribute, Bartok, dvorack (hell yes), all the obvious ones (Chopin, Liszt, etc), and I can’t even begin to list the Russians.

Except for Stravinsky, he was a technical hack.

I’m gonna go listen to some Martin, and possibly post a few medieval videos of epic recorder playing.


I heard Yo-Yo Ma playing Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No. 1 last night…jelli?

And when I say “playing”, I mean shredding!


Yeah, he’s okay (if I have to use a sarcasm tag, I’ll Shostakovich myself :D)


If the universe had any empathy, David munrow would be brought back, even though he doesn’t want to be.

This is perhaps one of the greatest videos of all time.


Or Wait and do it ironically.


Yours too have you tried herons cleared mine out no problem.




Looks like a Rubberbandits tribute to me.

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