Trippy fractal of classical architecture set to classical music


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Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese's set to hardcore metal

If the Beethoven sounds familiar, it may be because it’s Beethoven. He is fairly well-known, even among us gammas.


I know plenty of people whose key associations with classical music are Warner Brothers cartoons and movies.


No offence, but that’s rather an indictment than an explanation.


Agreed. I’d wager a majority of people who know “Kill the Wabbit” could not name Wagner as the source. And Beethoven is a large dog to many. I ain’t sayin’ it’s right. I believe connecting pop culture references (especially visual references) to classical music is always good, because it will encourage some folks to learn more.


Agreed. Always worth a try.


Mighty Mouse!


You do realize that not everyone’s formative education included classical culture, right?


Fractal “architecture” bugs the shit outta me. My eye keeps getting drawn into the detail, expecrinv it to resolve aomehow into a real sort of place thet people might use, but of course, it never does.

That part in GotG2 toward the end, was a blessed exception, they found a reasonable limit to the detail, and stopped.


Yes. That is where the indictment bit enters into it.


Maybe you should be a bit clearer then, because it came of as an indictment of people who have no access to classical culture. But as important as it might be, it’s also important to acknowledge the culture people actually encounter and use to understand the world, across the class divide. I think that people who are surrounded by nothing but what we now understand as elite culture might actually be the ones who are really out of touch with the world the rest of us live in.


Also, who determines which culture is “correct” culture? If it’s an indictment on our culture that some of us only know Beethoven from cartoons and film scores, what about the many of us who don’t know Charles Mingus at all? Is it only “culture” if it’s dead white guys?

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