7-11 reduces loitering in front of one of its stores with classical music


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make every surface a slow-moving treadmill
play exit leitmotifs from famous operas

play classical music


In my city, the owners of a building in the busy downtown area near the subway tried that; they blast Chopin and Wagner day and night, but it has had very little effect…


He plans to crank classical music in front of two of his other 7-11 stores soon.

Slip some Helen Ready Christmas Album in there as well, it cause the projectile vomiting.


This is ancient news; many places do this. Here’s Kennedy station in Toronto. In 1998.


I can imagine loud classical music actually attracting a certain sub-species of loiterer.



My nearest Sev had an AM talk radio station going, but tuned just a bit off, it was brutal.

Nothing anymore though, been forever since I’ve heard them put anything through those speakers.


Now if only they could bring over the muzak covers of 1960s-1970s American pop hits that they have in Japan.

Hearing an elevator-music arrangement of Highway To The Danger Zone when going to pick up beer for the evening ranks as a top-10 weird moment on my last trip.


Stores near me have been doing this for years.

The assumption, of course, is that those people are uncultured clods who will flee from a dose of the good stuff. It’s ironic, because whatever corporate executive thought this was a good idea started from the premise that “classical” music is unpleasant and normal people can’t enjoy it. It’s the executives who hate good music, not the kids. Not even the homeless, many of whom are non-functional for reasons that have nothing to do with lack of education.


Classical music at a 7-11. Interesting.


Hey, that’s … pretty accurate, I guess. A friend and I went to see a performance of Beethoven’s 9th at the Carmel Bach Festival one year, and I got a chuckle out of the row of walkers lined up end-to-end in the space between the auditorium doors. I pointed out that the both of us probably lowered the average age to about 70.


make every surface a slow-moving treadmill
play exit leitmotifs from famous operas
play classical music

Don’t forget the “pink” fluorescent lighting. It makes pimples “fluoresce” like a big neon sign.


Wait a minute! Didn’t A Clockwork Orange teach them anything?

Lovely, lovely Ludwig Van!


Well they are the ones who cannot hear the high-pitched mosquito buzzing that drives teenagers away, so maybe the ARE the target of this.


They more than likely stole this idea from the very high trafficked 7-11 at 2640 Mason st. in San Francisco who have been doing this for years.


I actually quit calling one company’s support line because the hold music was so bad. Maybe it worked just as designed! Eventually they developed a web interface and I’ve dealt with them that way ever since.


There is a bar in Chicago called the Gingerman Tavern. It is located two blocks south of Wrigley Field where the Chicago Cubs play. For many years the G-man has played classical music during Cubs home games to keep away undesirables (ie. Cubs fans).


If you use Bee Hive music you’'ll get guys that liked '80 japanese cartoons in Italian
In Italian the cartoon is called Kiss Me Licia and spawned a sitcom for Italy.


History seminars didn’t work to get rid of loitering at Circle-K.


Capital! I was looking for a new place to loiter. I shall meet you there. Let me just find my monocle. . .